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Stop Vivisection Canada!
Stop Vivisection Canada!

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Point Roberts Orcas and More

About Lifeforce

Lifeforce is a non-profit Vancouver based ecology organization that was formed in 1981 to raise public awareness of the interrelationship between people, animals, and the environment. We promote animal rights and ecological responsibility. In order to develop a non-violent society we must extend our circle of compassion to include all sentient creatures with whom we share this planet.

We are based in Canada but our work has no boundaries.

As part of Lifeforce's work, we have developed a new concept called "Health Rights". This concept reinforces the basic principle that all sentient beings -- human and non-human -- are entitled to a healthy life.

Unethical, unnecessary scientific experiments using "animal models" (taking healthy animals and inflicting on them human diseases and injuries) are a violation of Health Rights. We support the study of naturally-occurring maladies through research that is conducted humanely and is scientifically justifiable.

Lifeforce focuses upon three major areas in which humans, animal and environmental rights are violated, which we call "The Three E's":
  • Eating: The factory farm system keeps billions of animals in deplorable living conditions and feed them massive doses of antibiotics, growth hormones and animal wastes. Animals are abused, people become ill or even die and the environment is degraded.

  • Experimenting: Immoral and scientifically fallacious experiments waste lives and scare health-care funds. The use of "animal models" actually retards scientific progress because the actual human malady is not being studied and animals react differently from humans to various treatments. As a result, both people and animals are harmed by these wasteful experiments. Further, hazardous waste from animal experiments adds to the increasing environmental crisis of medical waste disposal. The land and ocean ecosystem are poisoned. Read more about Animal Experimenting.

  • Entertaining: Exploitive and violent forms of amusement, such as dogfights, rodeos, pornography and "snuff" movies prevent the development of a compassionate society. For the sake of commercial interests alone, zoos and aquariums deplete wildlife populations and destroy natural environments. People, animals and the environment are both psychologically and psychically abused by these violent forms of entertainment.
If you would like to find out more about Lifeforce or have any questions about our organization, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.