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Stop Vivisection Canada!
Stop Vivisection Canada!

Point Roberts Orcas and More
Point Roberts Orcas and More

Lifeforce Accomplishments

Lifeforce is proud to have achieved many victories over the years, thanks to the tireless efforts of Lifeforce members, volunteers, and our generous supporters.

Our successes would not continue without your support!

A few highlights of our accomplishments include:

2000 to Present
  • Launched online image library and Lifeforce ECOTV to help expose issues and provide an educational tool and resource
  • Launched SOS: Global Warning campaign
  • Created protection and education literature regarding Vancouver Aquarium Expansion Plans
  • Campaigns and petitions to the Vancouver Art Gallery and Aquarium
  • Exposed Canadian Fur farming with investigation footage
  • Increased pressure on the Chilliwack Rodeo
  • Stopped a Vancouver "artist" from crushing "Sniffy" the rat, hence protected people and animals from violent, indecent acts
  • First primate seizure in Canada. Lifeforce obtained two "pet" Japanese Snow Monkeys and sent them to a US primate sanctuary

  • Filmed and documented the Vancouver Aquarium's inhumane capture of three beluga whales in Churchill, Manitoba which led to charges being laid against the Aquarium whale hunters
  • Wrote and produced ten Stanley Park Nature/History Walk brochures in order to help preserve the park's history and ecology
  • Obtained the first film footage of vivisection atrocities in Canada
  • Lifeforce street displays illustrate inhumane, scientifically fallacious experiments with animal models. This display was at Vancouver General Hospital after Lifeforce conducted a yearlong investigation of vivisection in their research laboratories. Many of the experiments continue in the Jack Bell Research Centre

  • Stopped the Vancouver Pound's use of the decompression chamber which suffocated dogs being euthanized
  • Lifeforce protested against keeping primates in restraint devices for months and years by inviting the public and media to sit a mock restraint chair. The University of British Columbia also agreed to stop chronic restraint of primates in the Kinsmen Neuroscience Laboratory.

  • Co-investigated the use of monkeys in a U.S. laboratory which led to the seizure of the monkeys and the first conviction of a U.S. vivisection
  • Filmed the first U.S. video about animals experiments, "Behind Laboratory Doors"
  • Began an anti-hunting campaign to stop the shooting of ducks and the accidental shooting of people and companion animals, which led to the closure of a duck-hunting area in Richmond, BC

  • Lifeforce used an ultra light plane to help stop an aquarium capture of the Southern Orca Community. This capture attempt in 1982 was the last attempt on the BC West Coast. The aquarium industry continues to capture dolphins through countries such as Russia

  • Stopped the Victoria aquarium for capturing BC killer whales
  • Filmed the second U.S. video on vivisection, "Pound Seizure"
  • This Lifeforce car roof display was used to raise public awareness of the burn experiments on animals that were funded, in part, by firefighters’ associations. Lifeforce continues to expose such atrocities that are a waste of health care funds

  • Stopped researchers from keeping primates at U.C. San Francisco in restraint for periods of six weeks
  • Filmed and documented researchers' violations of the U.S. Animal Welfare Act, the third U.S. video, "U.C. Violations"
  • Persuaded the BCSPCA to stop electrocuting dogs
  • Produced the video, "Primates Far From Home", which depicts numerous experiments on primates and was distributed to the media during demonstrations against U.S. primate research centres
  • Stopped the continuous experiment on Martha, a monkey at the U.S. Letterman Army Institute of Research, who was scheduled for use in research for laser weapon development
  • Produced a media information package for the first large animal rights rally in Canada
  • Participated in convincing the Mayor of Toronto to declare Animal Rights Day
  • Was instrumental in the release into a wildlife park of two grizzly bears used in University of B.C. zoology experiments
  • Began the "Better Living" campaign which promotes ecologically beneficial ways of life
  • Lifeforce Founder Peter Hamilton rescuing dogs and cats from a house that was later condemned. Lifeforce has saved numerous animals

  • Produced "Broken Promises", a video, brochure and education package showing cruelty and scientifically fallacious spinal cord research on animals.
  • Requested the proclamation of Animal Rights Day made by the Mayor of North Vancouver
  • Assisted in the implementation by numerous cities of vicious dog by-laws (specifiying pit bulls) which protect people and animals
  • Caused Vancouver's Pacific National Exhibition to cancel pig races and the "IQ Zoo" (animals in vending machines)
  • Prompted the New Westminster Pound to stop electrocuting dogs
  • Stopped the Pacific National Exhibition from hiring an act that exploits baby chimps
  • Stopped the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation from selling the Children's Zoo animals to auctions where animals are abused and slaughtered
  • Stopped the trapping of mother racoons taken from their babies in Stanley Park, and the shipment of Stanley Park Canada Geese to the University of B.C. for inhumane, unnecessary spinal cord experiments
  • Organized the first Canadian symposium on animal rights: Vancouver's mayor proclaimed the first Animal Rights Day in the world

  • Worked for and won the designation of "National Historic Site" for Stanley Park in Vancouver, Canada
  • Started a campaign to halt toxicology experiments on wildlife
  • Called for a ban on the capture of narwhals and other marine mammals which would be held imprisoned in aquariums, or used for research for military purposes
  • Stopped the use of a live monkey in a Douglas College (Vancouver) theatre production ... Brought public attention to inhumane, scientifically fraudulent experiments at the Vancouver General Hospital in which kittens, cats and other animals animals are burned and blinded
  • Lifeforce Founder, Peter Hamilton, at a Press Conference in London, Ontario, announcing that the University of Western Ontario will stop the chronic restraint of baboons. The baboons were used in experiments funded by the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Lifeforce agreed to drop the cruelty to animal charges when the University agreed to free a baboon called B43, aka Debbie, in 1984(millions of dollars is poured into xenotransplantation research to transfer pig organs into humans. In current research human genes are transplanted into pigs in an attempt to reduce organ rejection problems and then the pig heart is implanted into baboons).

  • Laid the first Canadian charges against a vivisector and a veterinarian for inhumanely confining a baboon in a restraint device for four months; the baboon, #B43, was released
  • Laid the second Canadian charges of cruelty and neglect against researchers at the Vancouver General Hospital who failed to attend to the basic needs of a dog following experimental surgery
  • Stopped the Tynehead Zoological Society (Vancouver) from importing from Thailand two baby elephants for fundraising
  • Persuaded the Stanley Park Zoo (Vancouver) to implement our recommendation to give the monkeys anti-boredom devices