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Point Roberts Orcas and More
Point Roberts Orcas and More

Marine Life Programs and Reports

Marine Wildlife Reports

This year, Lifeforce is posting regular reports and photos of our work on the water.

Check out our new Marine Life Reports page for frequent updates!

Marine Life Programs

Lifeforce is looking for donations and volunteers to help conduct the following Marine Life Programs:
  • Whale and Dolphin Hotline
    Lifeforce provides a telephone hotline for the public to be able to report marine wildlife stranding, harassment and/or sightings.

  • Orca Research
    Under a Department of Fisheries and Oceans Research permit, Lifeforce has conducted our own Orca Conservation Program to study the behaviour and travel patterns of orcas. Our photos have been used in an educational field guide on orca behaviour to help people understand how to operate a boat if whales are in the area. Our research has also assisted in obtaining Endangered Species status, for orca populations.

    Lifeforce is presently in the final development stages of employing sound technology to attract orcas away from harm in the event of oil spills and other environmental hazards.

  • Orca Trails
    This land-based whale watch program alerts Park Managers and the public when orcas and other cetaceans will pass their marine parks.

  • Lifeforce Boater Awareness Program
    Lifeforce distributes Whale Watch guidelines to boaters on the water and to the general public. The information advises boaters how to safely watch orcas and other marine life. It also stops boaters who inadvertently or intentionally harass marine mammals. In 1993, Lifeforce was the organization to provide this service in Southern BC. As part of the Lifewatch program we will conduct investigations of cruelty to marine wildlife.

  • Marine Wildlife Rescue
    Lifeforce provides a 24-hour service to respond to marine wildlife injury, sickness, abandonment, stranding and other emergencies. In addition, we will remove dolphins, porpoises, pinnipeds and seabirds trapped in fishing nets. The rescue equipment is kept in our Marine Wildlife Rescue Trailer that includes a command post and educational displays.

  • Marine Educational Materials and Displays
    Lifeforce publishes educational materials such as the Whale Watch Guidelines that we distribute to the public through the Lifewatch Program. We also create educational displays such as the Orca Center in Point Roberts, WA. This "whale museum" includes information about human and environmental threats to marine wildlife.

  • Orca Recovery Plans
    Over the years Lifeforce has contributed to the development of Orca Recovery Plans and to improve Marine Mammal Protection Regulations. Whale Watch businesses and Research operations must be change. This would include giving orcas a day off from the continuous harassment of boats from sunrise to sunset.

  • Orca Awareness Month June 2008
    Some orca populations are transboundary species sharing both Canadian and US waters. In recognition for the need to protect these endangered species Lifeforce will participate in joint BC and Washington activities. Lifeforce will continue to expose the plight of orcas and other marine wildlife imprisoned in aquariums.
 Download our 2008 Marine Life Programs Info Sheet

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