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Stop Vivisection Canada!
Stop Vivisection Canada!

Point Roberts Orcas and More
Point Roberts Orcas and More

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Mother's Day For All Life!

posted on May 11, 2024


Families Must Be Respected AND Protected!

Stop All Sewage Pollution!

posted on March 28, 2024

Stop All Sewage Pollution!

Lifeforce News Release
March 28, 2024

In order to protect all life and ecosystems the present highest level Tertiary Sewage Treatment and new technologies must be implemented! As seen with the failure in Vancouver, Canada, if governments fail to do so it will increase to billions of dollars more to stop the pollution of lands, waters and air by an increasing human population.

The Metro Vancouver plant started 13 years ago and is still at least six years away from completion. The cost to complete it now is approximately $4 billion and that is about eight times the initial cost of $500 million. That could be $725 per household per year for 30 years on the North Shore and households in the rest of the region may be paying an average of $70-$140 per year for 15 years.

All Governments must immediately mandate Tertiary Treatment to cities, such as Comox and Squamish in British Columbia, that plan extremely low sewage treatment levels.

Save Planet Earth!: In order to stop major devastating impacts on this planet the human overpopulation must be limited by strategies such as “Zero Population Growth” that would maintain an equal balance of birth and mortality numbers to stop the never ending human population growth!

See: Let’s Make Tertiary Sewage Treatment the Law! Petition!
Petition: Let's Make Tertiary Sewage Treatment the Law!

The Threats To Survival! New Born Orca Dies!

posted on February 2, 2024

The Threats To Survival! New Born Orca Dies!

A J Pod baby orca has recently died within approximately 2 months after birth! The media, organizations and businesses once again fail to educate everyone of all possible causes of the death. The usual “lack of food” suggestion is only one of the three major causes. Threats include Lack of Food (due to overfishing, dams etc.); Pollution (sewage dumping, industrial wastes, etc.), and Vessel Traffic! The latter that includes the boat harassments and harms caused by private boaters, companies and researchers continues! Collisions also seriously injure them or kill them!

This ongoing harmful, life threatening boat traffic seriously impacts the lives of orcas. It causes unhealthy stress and breaks essential bonding. For decades, there have been research interventions such as mistreating every single orca like human patients BUT without their consents! These decade’s long tests that may well have negative impacts on the SRKW hope for recovery are conducted with lucrative government grants. This includes government researchers whose 2016 “research” led to the death of an endangered L pod male and probably 2 transient orcas. They were shot with dart trackers that caused fatal infections! There is also ongoing shooting with skin biopsy darts with extremely close vessel approaches.... when more humane poop samples can be collected from a humane distance!

Please Sign and Share these Petitions!

Cetaceans Must Not Be Mistreated Like Suffering Laboratory Animals! Cetaceans Must Not Be Mistreated Like Suffering Laboratory Animals!


Support The Us Swim Act! But...

posted on January 31, 2024

Support The Us Swim Act! But...


There is no total ban for imprisoning marine life in aquariums or zoos under the misleading Canadian Cetacean “Ban”! There are compromises that perpetuate captivity!

The Canadian Cetacean “Ban” must be a true ban by removing the exemptions for “scientific research" on cetaceans and any so-called claimed “care”. They can still be imprisoned and even subjected to experiments.

The SWIMS ACT could include prohibiting the taking, importation, or exportation of whales for the purpose of public display; and prohibiting any breeding of whales for future public display.

U.S. residents only can help pass the US SWIMS Act by contacting their U.S. House & Senate Representatives.

The US, Canada and other countries must implement True Bans on All Cetacean Captivity without any exemptions for research and so-called “care”! NO MORE COMPROMISES!

In Canada, Lifeforce volunteers stopped the decades long beluga captures in the calving grounds for aquariums worldwide. The Lifeforce direct action protests in Churchill, Manitoba in 1990 helped put an end to the inhumane captures. Our actions also included international bans because we proved the inhumane whale imprisonment in Japan’s SeaWorld. Canadian Federal government outlawed it!

Stop The Suffering! Stop Vivisection Canada!

posted on January 21, 2024

Stop The Suffering! Stop Vivisection Canada!

Please Read the 2 Petition Update Posts!
Stop Vivisection!.

Update 2
Self Policing Cruelties!

Since 1968, the Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC) was supposed to implement the “3Rs alternatives” that refers to the replacement, reduction, and refinement of animals used in research, teaching, testing, and exhibition. Drs. William Russell and Rex Burch first described the 3Rs in 1959 in their book, "The Principles of Humane Experimental Technique". That never happened as the numbers continue to increase!

Animal Welfare NOT Animal Rights!

The system protects inhumane, scientifically fallacious animal experiments with their so called “Animal Care Committees” that are the pro animals researchers’ rubber stamping their colleagues’ experiments. They may include one “public” participant for public relations.

The CCAC is financed primarily by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada with additional contributions from annual program participation fees paid by “CCAC certified animal research institutions”. The Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC) is responsible for setting and maintaining standards. It is a peer review and inspections are confidential.

In 1983, Lifeforce organized the first Canadian symposium on animal rights when the CCAC also held their annual meeting in Vancouver. Vancouver's mayor proclaimed the first Animal Rights Day in the World!

Update 3
No More Animal Rights Compromises!

After decades of campaigning for the rights of animals it is time to stop governments’ and organizations’ sellouts that perpetuate the exploitation of Non Human Animals!

The Animal Rights Movement had “leaders” of organizations that end up compromising campaigns. They may think it is better than nothing but without ending it completely they are perpetuating the sufferings!

In 1996 Lifeforce convinced the Vancouver Parks Board Commissioners to implement a bylaw to ban cetacean captivity at the Vancouver Aquarium. This was opposed by an aquarium supporter who was one of the Sea Shepherd founders. In addition, a local “whale” organization only supported a public “referendum”
After years of being watered-down by some pro aquarium Commissioners, Lifeforce and several organization joined forces to get a bylaw that would finally stop cetacean captivity in Vancouver. However, one of the organizations who supported only a referendum in ’96 went to the media to claim that her so called “coalition” only supports a public referendum! Fortunately, the Commissioners approved and implemented a strict Cetacean Ban!

Some of the Compromises!

1. Canadian Animal “Research’ Not So Total Toxicity Ban!
The proposed “Toxicity Ban” must end all Toxicology Experiments on Non Human Animals! No Exemptions as proposed!

2. Canada’s Not So Cosmetic Ban!
The 2023 “Cosmetic Ban” takes good actions as the public demand for cruelty-free cosmetics has increased, BUT IT STATES ”Any person is banned from testing cosmetics on vertebrate or invertebrate animals in Canada if “...it may cause the animal physical or mental pain, suffering or injury” Who determines that? There are numerous types of tests/experiments that continue!

3. Canada’s Not So Cetacean Captivity Ban!
The Canadian Cetacean “Ban” must also be improved by removing the exemption for “scientific research on cetaceans and if so-called “care” is needed!”. Orcas and others can still be imprisoned and subjected to experiments.
An example of Aquarium Industry new “research” plans: In 2021, 5 belugas were sent from the despicable Marineland in Niagara Falls to Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut that claims to specialize in beluga research. Two died in less than a year apart.

The US, Canada and other countries must implement Bans on All Cetacean Captivity without any exemptions for research and captivity!

Actions Needed Now! Sign and Share the petition “Stop Vivisection Canada!”

In order to protect All Life Tell governments and organizations that you want a total end to violating the Rights of Animals!

For a World Respecting All Life,
Peter Hamilton
Lifeforce Founder

Stop Vivisection Canada Petition Update!

posted on January 19, 2024

Stop Vivisection Canada Petition Update!

Stop all Toxicology Experiments on Non Human Animals! No Exemptions as proposed!

All animal vivisection that claims to may save people must end within 10 years! “Animal models” have retarded medical breakthroughs. Innovative non-animal methods are advancing biomedical research! Toxicity testing are only some of the harmful and painful use of animals in “scientific” research.

There are major biological and anatomical differences between and within humans and animals. There are major differences within human sexes, ages, and races. Some human experiments are also done before the animal research by a lucrative vivisection industry.

The final “cures” can cause many types of harmful “side effects” in humans from drugs etc.. Just look at the TV Pharmaceutical Industry Ads that now end with disclaimers to use at your own risks including a variety of dangerous side effects including death.

Let’s get 500,000 Signatures and More! Let’s End all Inhumane, Scientically Fallacious Testing and Experiments on Animals Now!
Time for Global Changes in Every Way!

Stop Vivisection Now!

Wildlife Humor For Peaceful Moments!

posted on January 2, 2024

Wildlife Humor For Peaceful Moments!

First Wildlife Humor Video (See Lifeforce Foundation Facebook)

Lifeforce will be posting some wildlife video humor and enjoyment. Hopefully to bring some peaceful moments in a violent world where all races have violated the rights of people and animals for centuries!

If you can, please buy our wildlife humour books and/or make a greatly needed donation to continue our vital volunteer work. There is an armchair Nature Book Hike "Art in Action: All Life Matters"; an updated of Orca: A Family Story and Wildlife Humour Books. See the EBooks and Paperback Books at: Wildlife Humor Books.

The videos will be posted on the Lifeforce Foundation Facebook!

Peace For All Life,
Peter Hamilton
Lifeforce Founder