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Stop Vivisection Canada!
Stop Vivisection Canada!

Point Roberts Orcas and More
Point Roberts Orcas and More

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June 30th Orcas Action Month Ends And Old Ways Must Also End! # 8
posted on June 29, 2020

June 30th Orcas Action Month Ends And Old Ways Must Also End! # 8

As the June 2020 Orca Action Month ends it is just the beginning of Lifeforce’s new actions to protect the rights of orcas. The ocean habitats are the homes of indigenous orcas. They live in all oceans of the world. They have their cultures and language. However, they do not have rights yet to stop humans from violating their lives!

Some Further Actions Needed:

1. Orca Health Protection with No More Harmful Experiments!
Due to new Canadian and US regulations threats by boaters will be reduced. Vessel traffic is one of the three major threats to orcas. The continuous barbaric, unnecessary research boat traffic must end. For decades, millions of dollars are spent on “research” and even one L Pod orca died in 2016 from a tracking dart infection. The experiments have not saved the Southern Resident Killer Whales (SRKWs). Research must be safe, humane and use modern non invasive technologies.
Take Action Now! Please Sign and Share STOP ORCA EXPERIMENTS.

2. There must be “Equal Laws” as stated in our petition that we started over 2 years ago. That was a partial victory towards taking some steps towards harmonizing boater distances. EQUAL LAWS.
We are also looking at threats from military tests with bombs and sonar, seismic testing, marine construction such as pile driving, fireworks etc.

3. Canadian and US Governments are polluting orca homes and that also threaten salmon that is a vital food source for the endangered SRKW. Sewage Treatment plants must be immediately upgraded to provide clean ocean homes. Immediate actions must be taken to upgrade all sewage treatment plants to the highest level of treatments! It must be the law! Sign and Share the Petition: RAISE A STINK.

Lifeforce also urges everyone to write to their Local, Provincial and Federal Health Officials and Politicians! Demand that they Protect the Health of Humans, Animals and Ecosystems!

4. True Marine Sanctuaries or Aquarium Research and Tourist Attractions?
There have been and are great marine sanctuaries where the goals have been to release former captive cetaceans into the wild. Freedom should be the goal.
Stopping cetacean captivity has led aquarium researchers to leave the cozy “offices” to study wild natural behaviours. Some researchers fought cetacean bans by claiming it was important research that could only be done in captivity. The recent Canadian Captivity “Ban” wrongly permitted “legitimate scientific research”. And that can perpetuate captivity. Those with past and recent support of captivity are advisors with some planned sanctuaries.

5. Mega Projects Must Be Stopped!
Both US and Canadian governments must stop mega projects that threaten orcas. This includes the proposed Delta Port Terminal 2 and the 40 year Westshore Coal Terminal plans. Both are in a SRKW Critical Habitat.

6. US Fishing Trade and Economy Versus Orcas!
Under the Department of Commerce, NOAA is a scientific and fisheries agency that includes conducting research with orcas. They are in a cabinet department to promote U.S. trade and economic development. So who gets the fish the fishing industries or the orcas? Immediate fishing moratoriums are needed to mend the broken ocean food chain.
Healthier plant based foods such as fake salmon, fish fillets, crab, lobsters are available. It will help save marine life and feed a hungry world! People can choose but orcas have no choices. ORCA FAMILIES.

The Orcas’ Future
Some organization make exaggerated and/or false claims that they have protected orcas. Shockingly some have never even opposed numerous Vancouver Aquarium expansions, captivity and unnecessary research. Some have never taken direct actions on the water to educate and to protect orcas. In order to fund those who truly have protected orcas: Ask Them What They Have Actually Done Before Making Any Donations!

Lifeforce volunteers were trailblazers! On the water: Harassed by whale watch companies that threatened and waked our little 18’ research boat! We Got Regulations to Keep Them Up to 400m from Orcas Now! On land: Our facts challenged by the aquarium industry! We Proved Them Wrong!

Lifeforce hopes that you appreciated the Lifeforce Orca Action Month posts. Lifeforce has been fighting to save marine wildlife since 1981! Opposing all Vancouver Aquarium expansions, Fighting to Ban Captivity and Getting Better Orca Protection Regulations!

Please Help Us Continue to Help! Please Make a donation to Lifeforce Foundation through Paypal at DONATIONS.