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Stop Vivisection Canada!

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Nature's Tickle Times
posted on October 22, 2021


Nature's Tickle Times: Nature's moments to tickle your funny bones

For over twenty years, Lifeforce Foundation's Peter Hamilton has mixed photos with humour, words of wisdom with pleas against speciesism. Now "Nature's Tickle Times" carries his message of Respect for All Life with a fascinating blend of incredible photography and cheerful commentary meant to raise awareness of the unique and wonderful fellow beings with whom we share this planet. Laugh with a diversity of wildlife from hummingbirds to Humpback whales.

In celebration of the Lifeforce 40th Anniversary, we intend to produce historic books and a Lifeforce Foundation film documentary. Over the decades, Lifeforce founder Peter Hamilton has created unique strategies to help define the Animal Rights Movement. His groundbreaking investigations and campaigns were crucial to lead the way to help protect people, animals and ecosystems.

You can help continue Lifeforce campaigns to further our important lifesaving work. To save the future we must learn from the past. We must raise public awareness of the ongoing need to end speciesism in order to finally bring Peace for All Life! Your Purchase of the 145 page Nature’s Tickle Times will help continue the important work of Lifeforce.

Order the EBook ($17.95) and/or Paperback Book ($29.95) at: Nature's Tickle Times.

You can also help Lifeforce by telling friends and shoppers (in Amazon Review after your purchase) what you thought of Lifeforce Nature's Tickle Times.