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Stop Vivisection Canada!

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Lest We Forget The Sufferings Of All Life!
posted on November 9, 2023

Lest We Forget The Sufferings Of All Life!

Both Humans and Nonhumans died in wars for centuries. Sentient creatures were also unwillingly “drafted” for battles and other military purposes! In WW1 a million horses died on the British side and an overall figure of 10 million horse deaths on all sides. Dogs, pigs, oxen, camels and horses were used for transport and bomb detection. Elephants, pigeons and rats were also used during wartimes.

Today, this continues in the killing fields and in military research laboratories. Dolphins and sea lions are still used as weapons of wars! Atlantic bottlenose dolphins are in the U.S. Navy Marine Mammal ‘Program”.

In addition to military bases, there are universities also conducting military experiments. In the 80s Lifeforce exposed US military funded experiments at the University of Western Ontario. Live monkeys were used in laser weapon tests on their eyes.

The Canadian military have used thousands of animals for testing chemical-weapons and military training. In “scientifically” inhumane military experiments they are poisoned, shot, burned, wounded, shocked and more. They have no rights!

The photo of the monkey is "Martha" who Lifeforce's Peter Hamilton discovered in a military research laboratory. She had been subjected to experiments and was scheduled to be blinded by a laser weapon. Lifeforce stopped that plan.

In Memory of Forgotten Victims

Lifeforce believes that people and animals should have rights for their protection and freedom.

All human races have carried on with war crimes for centuries. And this violence and killing of people and animals continue today! Will it ever end? Will the human species ever live together in peace for the wars to end?

A new peace movement for all life is desperately needed. This time “peace” movements must include animal rights and oppose speciesism. The opposition to ending eating animals, experimenting on animals and abusive “entertainment” with animals is part of the endless wars on animals. This “human nature” is violence towards nature and fellow sentient beings with whom we share this planet.
Please remember all life who suffered and those who continue to be exploited as they "serve”, suffer and die.

Some war memorials have been created to recognize their sufferings and deaths. More recognition is needed!

Lest We Forget the Sufferings of All Life!